Everything gets better

From Yelp.com:

1–George MacIlwinen is a compassionate, caring and highly skilled therapist with extraordinary insights into ways to improve his clients’ self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

George is clearly well trained, but his approach is not sterile or clinical in the sense of rehearsed or stale responses.  Instead, he is an excellent listener and observer who develops his comments and observations patently, delivering his insights carefully and without causing his clients to react defensively.  As with the best in his profession, he leads others to see a path rather than passively listening without direction or becoming too assertive or controlling.

I would highly recommend George for those seeking to address psycho-social issues that interfere with one’s potential, life fulfillment, and personal and professional relationships.

2–I worked with George for a number of months. During that time, he opened my mind to different ways of achieving a healthy life and outlook. George turned my life around and now I’m on a path to get my bachelors degree in psychology. Without his help, I would not have the confidence, ambition and drive I attain now. Take advantage of his skills! He is something special in this realm and has a plethora of strategies and skills regarding mental and physical health.

3-I have had the pleasure of working the George MacIIwinen both as a colleague  and a personal training client.  George brings a wealth of experience to his passion for bringing into synthesis the mind, body, and spirit through his Characterological Based Strength Training (CBST™) method. In his work as both a psychotherapist and a personal trainer, George  is intuitive, thoughtful, and dedicated to helping clients achieve their holistic goals towards finding their complete self.

4–I worked with George for a number of months, and I felt better about myself, and more improved after every single session. George’s holistic and more natural approach in his methods of teaching are exceptional, and taught me not to focus on strictly Western style therapeutic philosophy, but to keep my mind open, and take a more natural approach to life.

Not only is George excellent at what he does, but he’s a great person with certifications in Equestrian therapy, as well as a certified physical trainer.

George knows what he’s doing, and I still keep in touch with him after leaving Colorado. Please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment!

5–George MacIlwinen is the Horse Whisperer of young adults struggling to find their footing in their transition to adulthood.  Our son had a history of difficult medical problems in childhood that prevented him from achieving developmental milestones and left him as an anxious young adult, depressed, over-medicated and isolated.  Over the years we ran through many therapists and programs and our son had grown skeptical of their effectiveness.  All that changed when we met George MacIlwinen.

George’s contributions to our son’s life and our family’s life are so extensive, it would take pages to catalog them.  First and foremost, George understood our son like no one had before, he understood the trauma that our son had experienced and the gaps in his development. Most important, he saw our son’s potential and his prospects for a good future.

Therapeutically, George is a creative and independent thinker.  He has an over-arching philosophy, but within that he is adaptive.  For our son he followed a holistic approach incorporating experiential therapy and psychotherapy together with a strong emphasis on healthy life habits including reduced medications, physical fitness and diet.  He has also been especially proactive in helping our son develop social skills.

Personally, George is calm, empathetic and friendly. He’s genuine with an easy smile.  He is an excellent listener; he’s insightful.  George models the healthy behavioral habits that he advocates.  He’s a natural mentor and educator and has provided invaluable counseling and guidance to our son and to us.

George MacIlwinen is an amazing therapist. Meeting him has been one of the single best things that has ever happened to our family.  It’s a great pleasure to recommend him to you.