George MacIlwinen, BS, MA, LPC, CAC I, GEP, LRM, ACE-CPT is a Usui Reiki Master (URM/LRM), trained in all three levels of and attuned to the original form of Reiki.

Additionally, George received teachings from the Rev. Suzanne Winterton, and her advanced Chakra guidebook, “Chakras With Love“, is dedicated to George.

George, directly descended from viking sea king Ubbe Ragnarson, incorporates Scandinavian Runes into his use of Reiki.

Complimented by training in Transpersonal Psychology, George brings a thorough and informed approach to energy work and healing.

Reiki can be done at a distance, and you may book a Reiki session with George regardless of your location.


Reiki has been said to help:

-increase Love’s flow;

-assist with trauma work;

-removal of etheric implants;

-move stuck, negative energies;

-remove negative entities or other attachments;

-cleanse “past life” energies that no longer serve one’s highest good;

-assist with physical healing, as a compliment to work done with your physician.