Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy – Partnership with Horses

George MacIlwinen
Horses provide a powerful medium as co-therapists and assist clients in creating safety, help clients to experience their own power, safely explore boundaries, help create empowering somatic resources, empowering cognitive resources, and gently point the way to work that needs to be done or where a client’s growth edge may be. Horses assist us in exploring the dynamics of contact and relationship while in relationship with the horse.

For the Treatment of Trauma

Equine-assistance may be used to assist with process of resolving trauma symptoms utilizing a combination of somatic and cognitive-based interventions.

Professional Teams

Professional teams may also partner with our equine friends in workshops or weekend intensives for the purposes of team-building through a unique and powerful medium.

Gestalt-Equine Group Work

Combining Gestalt and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy provides groups the opportunity to get unstuck, move to the next level, and/or deepen in their work. Gestalt is an experiential therapy that is present-centered, strength-promoting, and relational.

Personal responsibility, choice, and safety are emphasized. Clients are also challenged to examine and define their personal values, consciously held beliefs, and underlying beliefs that influence the way they are in the world and in relationships.