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Thorodin Counseling & Consulting offers many different avenues for healing, both for individuals and for groups.

Services We Offer

Team/Group Services

Businesses and professional groups can have on-site workshops, mediation and counseling in order to improve relationships, morale and communication.

Individual Counseling

Individuals may seek counseling for any number of reasons, including relationship issues, depression, addiction, trauma, and more.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Horses can be incredible companions in healing, allowing clients to build confidence, experience their own personal power, and safely explore boundaries.

Fitness/Strength Training

Clients may wish to engage exclusively in 1:1 or small group Fitness/Strength Personal Training, which we offer independently of psychotherapy services.


Characterological Structure-Based Strength Training™ is a method combining psychotherapy, somatic work, and fitness/strength training.